On the Juan Williams - Fox News Contract

Fox News today proved that it is far more "fair and balanced" than NPR.

NPR fires a left-of-center, but not left enough, commentator for truthfully expressing the emotional reaction of most Americans when Muslims enter an airplane acting too Muslim. Fears of 9/11. Even some Muslims share that reaction. Not the ultra-left NPR management, though. (See the Moron of the Day, below.)

In contrast, Fox News gives the left-of-center commentator a new contract, despite Fox News's obviously right-of-center editorial positions.

Unlike the likes of NPR, Fox News takes pride in presenting the opposing point of view to its editorial position.

Of course being publicly funded one would hope (in vain it turns out) for actual balance on its airwaves.

One commentator at the American Thinker goes further. It is E.W. Jackson Sr.'s thesis that NPR is acting like a slaveholder whose slave has left the plantation. Read it all here.

I just want again to say that my observation of Juan Williams over the years is that he is decent and honest man with whom I generally disagree. But unlike most left-of-center folks, I genuinely respect his point of view and his expression of it, and I appreciate hearing it. Juan Williams did not deserve the firing, but I am pleased for him that he has already landed on his feet.

As for the Huffington Post goofballs who are whining about calls to defund NPR in the name of a free press: Listen up. Government funded media is antithetical to a free press. There is no press less free than government funded and/or run press. If you cannot understand that, shame on you.


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