Ailes: Obama Has a Different Belief System Than Most Americans

Roger Ailes has been quoted as saying that President Obama has a different belief system than most Americans. I would go further and say that President Obama also fails to understand that most Americans do not believe as he does.

Mr. Ailes did not say what that belief system is. Here is my shot at it. Mr. Obama thinks that more government is the answer to all things he considers to be "social injustice."

That is wrong, of course. All perceived "social injustices" cannot be cured and many of them are not unjust at all.

The greatest single cure for social injustice is free markets, something we have not seen for over a hundred years.

Note to progressive, though, it is not a social injustice for the wealth gap between rich and poor to increase. It is a social injustice, arguably, if the plight of the poor gets worse rather than better over time. Looking at the3re the rich are, is simply envy. If the poor get better off while the rich get even better off, how is that bad for the poor and why is the rich's wealth any of your business?

If you want the poor to be better off, focus in what makes the poor better off. Focus on what makes them stay better off. It isn't handouts. It is the rising tide that lifts all boats.

It irritates me when progressives talk about the gap between rich and poor. That is envy pure and simple, and simply the wrong way to analyze the problem or reach a solution.

That may have been a digression to be sure, but one, I submit, that was worth digressing to.

Back to the regularly scheduled rant. Most Americans realize that government is more the problem than the solution. Most American have to deal with the BMV, the TSA or their equivalents. Mr. Obama does not. Most Americans do not want some government agency telling them they cannot get the health care they need (i.e., the inevitable death panels), which Mr. Obama thinks is his gift to America that he just has not explained well enough.

No wonder President Obama does not understand us. He never will.


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