Junk Touching Protests Escalate

I was wondering what the weird left (forgive the redundancy) was saying about the overly invasive TSA procedures, so I wandered over to the Huffington Post, always a risky journey.

Some columnist clown named Bob Cesca blames the Republicans. Forget the fact that Big Sis Janet Napolitano is bringing in the full monty body scanners (that Cesca does not like either). It is all about the Republican fear-mongering while George Bush was President. More hopey-changey, Bushy-Blamey logic, I guess.

Columnist Dean Obeidallah claims that Arab-Americans have already been subject to that scrutiny since 9/11. Wow. Mr. Obeidallah and I definitely frequent through different airports. Mr. Obeidallah's airports apparently have had time warped body scanners before they existed anywhere else. I haven't seen any differential treatment of Muslims or Arab-appearing passengers, even though that would be rational as a practical (put politically incorrect) matter. Has anyone told Mr. Obeidallah the source of virtually all terrorist threats in the last nine years?

On the other hand, I wholly agree with columnist Jane Hamsher:
So the "groping" technique was developed as a way to punish people into using the scanners -- because there are $148 million more on the way. And just so nobody gets the idea to follow Tyner's lead, the TSA is using threats and intimidation to guarantee the market for the porno scanners. Whether Tyner is prosecuted or not, people will hear about what happened to him and think twice before refusing to become fodder for their new machines.
Thank you Jane for not doing the Bushy-blamey thing that is so tiring. Yes, the Bush administration went overboard. It is the Obama administration that is raising the overboard-ness standard.

There is too much government. Leave it up to the airlines. Let them evaluate the risks of their planes and compete to see which provides the best, passenger-friendly security. Once again, government is the problem. Getting government out of the airline security business is the solution.


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