Beware of "Progress"

Hearing anyone in the media demanding "progress" sends me into chills like fingernails on a blackboard.

Progress? Progress implies a goal or an end point. What is their goal? What goal do they assume when they say the word "progress." I am pretty sure I don't agree with their goal, since their goal seems be be state control of every aspect of our lives.

I'll give you a goal. How about a free society, prosperous based upon free market principles. Now, that is a goal.

The next time you hear a demand for progress, ask whether they refer to progress toward a goal you agree with. If it is a progression toward statism, that is a regression from freedom, isn't it?

When a liberal uses the word "progress," I wish they would get called out on exactly what goal they want to progress toward. The answer would be illuminating and probably scary.


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