Why Bother Pointing Out MSNBC Left Wing Bias?

Yesterday, I posted Rachel Maddow's hilarious rant claiming that MSNBC is a news organization while Fox News is not. Daily, MSNBC proves that the opposite is true. Fox News has a decidedly right-leaning editorial bias, but has consistently presented both sides of controversial questions through invited left wing guests. MSNBC? Not so much.

One can only wonder at the thinking at MSNBC. MSNBC is consistently far behind Fox News in ratings. On election night, MSNBC had fewer than 1/3 of the viewers that Fox had (1.9 million vs. 7 million). IF MSNBC wanted to make a profit, wouldn't they be better off going conservative and competing for Fox's viewers? If they took 40% of Fox's viewers, MSNBC would be better off, wouldn't they?

Bill Gates is a rabid left--hinger (the MS in MSNBC is Microsoft), so maybe doing the rational economic thing would go against his grain. (The ability to make money makes no one rational politically. Look at George Soros.)

The funny thing is the MSNBC has so marginalized itself, I wonder why folks like Newsbusters continue to report on its left-wing silliness. MSNBC's bias is a given, so each new report of MSNBC bias is only ho-hum.

I think Newbusters (who does a great job at what they do) would be better served by ignoring MSNBC altogether (well, except when MSNBC claims to be a news organization rather than an opinion broadcaster) and focus on the big broadcast media who (unsuccessfully) try (but not too hard) their left wing bias.


Anonymous said…
Good Article you need to write for yahoo. Too many left wing bias bastards writing for yahoo

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