Flying Anyone? Naked Body Scanners and Genital Pat Downs

The TSA intrusiveness in exchange for the illusion of safety has obviously gotten worse. I have not flown since the institution of body x-rays, but I am not going to subject myself to more radiation that absolutely necessary.

My own standard lately has been simple. If I can drive it in 8 hours, I would rather drive. Besides the benefit of a bigger carbon footprint, I have the convenience of my own transplantation. With the current controversy, I am thinking of increasing the driving radius, say 12 hours driving to avoid TSA.

I can't imagine the airlines are thrilled with all this. I propose to solve the problem in two ways:
1. Eliminate the TSA and put airlines back in charge of safety. Let private industry decide; and/or

2. Permit gun owners to carry their firearms on the planes. If they did, no hijacker would dare try to hijack. It would be suicide without any actual building-crashing. As R.A. Heinlein said: An armed society is a polite society.


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