Random Thoughts

Random thoughts on this week's election and other things, updated throughout the day.

  • The Republican tidal wave was not an end, but the beginning of vigilance.  The Republicans under George Bush began the spend to oblivion approach embraced by President Obama and his far-left Democrat friends.  We need to keep close eyes on the Republicans, constantly reminding them that his election is not about them getting their noses into the trough.
  • I remember in the 60's when the left kept talking out the perceived terrible government oppression.   Now the left in power in the administration are lovin' that oppression.  They love being the oppressors.  Funny they don't call it that anymore. 
  • The left does not get the failure of California's Proposition 19 that would have legalized marijuana.  Progressives caused the problem  Progressives were behind Prohibition early last century.  Progressives were behind the illegalization of drugs in general, forcing prescription requirements.  (I love the term, "undocumented pharmacist." for drug dealer.)  Here is why the left is at fault for the defeat of Prop. 19.  The left has successfully persuaded the public over the last century that it was government's job to prevent the people from doing anything the government deemed harmful to themselves.  If something is potentially harmful to the user, the government should ban (or regulate) it, the left's thinking goes.  That thought pattern has been far too successful.  Prop. 19 failed because of it.
  • I was happier to see Christine O'Donnell lose in Delaware (which she did) to the "bearded Marxist" Coons than I would have been to see the squishy RINO Castle win against Coons.  Castle proved his mettle (or lack of it) by his failure to support Christine O'Donnell.  Good riddance to him.  I hope he does not reappear on the political scene any time soon.
  • I always happier when the MSNBC and mainstream media are unhappy, as they were Tuesday night.  I was pleased to see that Fox News had a major ratings coup that night and received general kudos for their honest and balanced coverage.  As usual, Fox News made sure that it had liberal commentators presented along with conservative ones.  Why don't the declining media understand that they should present balance as well?
  • Why is President Obama taking 3000 of his closest government friends so India at a cost to the US taxpayers of $200 million per day.  We are paying for 3000 people to to go India.  3000! $200 million per day. Per day!  Didn't anyone tell President Obama about our economic troubles at home? Remember this in 2012. [Update:  Obama spokesman denies that the costs are that high, but does not say how high.  Gibbs gets nasty, acts the jackass role.]  The Obama entourage has rented out the entire Taj Mahal for the India visit.
  • Favorite recent protest sign:  CAP the budget & TRADE the politicians.
  • At his new conference, President Obama refused to acknowledge that the voters rejected his policies, particularly in the form of health care reform and bailouts.  I am not certain whether that refusal was more about his narcissistic personality disorder (an inability to admit being wrong about anything) or a strategic retrenchment.  To me, the vote was a clear policy rejection. From The Economist:
    NOW it is official: Barack Obama does not do contrition well. The usual form after your party has had an electoral thrashing is to appear on television looking ashen and justly chastised, promising to heed the message of the voters and reform your ways. That is what Bill Clinton did with superb theatricality after suffering his own mid-term setback in 1994. Mr Obama’s manner in this week’s day-after White House press conference was one of sombre defiance, in which he appeared graciously to forgive voters for their natural impatience at the pace of economic recovery.
  • Any state that elects Senator Ma'am and Moonbeam had better not come running to a Republican House of Representatives for a bailout. 


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