The Voice of Reason Endorses John Kasich for Ohio Governor

If I were a single issue gun-rights voter, I would vote for Ted Strickland. Unusual for a Democrat, Ted Strickland has been great on firearms freedom.

Unfortuntately, he has been not so great on other issues. I echo the following analysis found on the Buckeye Firearms Forum:
Hello fellow Pro 2nd amendment, pro constitution Ohioans. I just wanted to bring up some points that I'm sure you are aware of, but still might need pointed out. When going to the polls on Tuesday I will not be voting for all the NRA endorsed candidates and this is why. Although I am a proud supporter of the NRA I feel a little sold out in this election with their endorsements. First let's look at the Governors race. Ted Strickland 's A rating with the NRA vs John Kasich's B rating with the NRA. Yes Ted has had a great voting record for the 2nd amendment and Kasich did vote for the assault weapons ban which he has sense said he regrets. I also look at who each has picked as their LT Governors choices. Strickland who is very pro Obama was looked at for the possible vice-president candidate early and was though to be a shoe in for a cabinet spot. Though Strickland turned all offers down and said he wanted to fix Ohio the offers were still there. The Presidents approval is at a all time low and America is mad. Why do I bring this up? Well if Ted Strickland would take a job in Washington we would get a new Governor. Ms Brown who has a F on the NRA report card where as Kasich's choice for LT Governor is Ms Taylor has an A rating with the NRA. When organizations like the NRA, and Buckeye firearms pass out endorsements for some reason they overlook the big picture in my mind. I know it is very unlikely to happen that either LT Governor will have to step into the Governors spot but, hey I'd rather be safe then sorry! B-A rating verses a A-F rating pretty easy choice for me! Lastly and most important remember to vote on Tuesday November 2 or your voice will not be heard. Thanks.
I need to add something else that I think is even more important. The 2010 election in Ohio will determine the redistricting boundaries for the General Assembly that will affect our elections over the next ten years.

The Ohio apportionment board is established by Section 1 of Article XI, Ohio Constitution, as being responsible for that apportionment. The3 board consists of:

  • -- the Governor of Ohio,
  • -- the Ohio Secretary of State,
  • -- the Ohio State Auditor,
  • -- a member selected by the Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives and the senate leader of the same party
  • -- a member selected by the house and senate leaders of other party.

Whoever has a majority of the board has the power to draw the boundaries to favor future elections for that party.  In fact that happens is that the members of the majority party draw the boundaries and impose those boundaries on the other party. Neither parity is great on issues of limited government, but long term for gun rights, the Republicans are consistently better than Democrats.

Ted Strickland has been dismissive and insulting about the tea parties, which in my mind is the most important political movement so far this century and the last century for that matter.  Ted Strickland is endorsed by Barack Obama, which is a serious negative.  Strickland (not to mention his endorser) has been a fiscal disaster, as even the left-leaning Columbus Dispatch has opined

Accordingly, I will vote for Kasich, who has worked his way up form an NRA F rating to an NRA B rating over the last 15 years.  John Kasich is a fiscal expert.  When he was in the United States House of Representatives, he was the only one who seemed to understand the budget.


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