Free Brian Aiken

Here is a horror story fresh from the anti-gun culture of New Jersey.
Sue Aitken called the police because she was worried about her son, Brian. She now lives with the guilt of knowing that her phone call is the reason Brian spent his 27th birthday in a New Jersey prison last month. If the state gets its way, he will be there for the next seven years.

Aitken was sentenced in August after he was convicted of felony possession of a handgun. Before his arrest, Aitken, an entrepreneur and owner of a media consulting business, had no criminal record, and it appears he made a good-faith effort to comply with New Jersey's stringent gun laws. Even the jurors who convicted him seem to have been looking for a reason to acquit him. But the judge gave them little choice. Aitken's best hope now is executive clemency. He is petitioning New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for a reprieve this week.
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Anonymous said…
These charges are totally ludicrous. The judge is the one who should be sent to prison!
Conservatarian said…
Apparently and according the transcript (that I heard Aiken's lawyer read from) during jury deliberations, the jury sent out questions at least twice asking the judge the instruct them in exemptions in the law and specifically the moving exemption, because both the prosecution and the defense made reference to that exemption during the trial. The judge refused to tell the jury about the exemptions.

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