Touching the Junk

About the TSA controversy, I have previously said that I will avoid flying, favoring driving a longer distance and time. I probably will not be able to avoid the airports altogether.

I don't want to get the x-ray exposure of a full body canner, so I guess I will be subjected to a full body pat down. They tell us that all pat downs are done by same-sex TSA agents.

Hmmm. Here is where I have a problem. I don't want anyone touching my junk. Period. But if anyone has to touch it, I would prefer an opposite sex TSA agent touching for me.

Not for my daughter, maybe. She is an adult and that is her choice. But I don't want a man, other than my urologist, touching my junk.

If someone's going to touch my junk, I want to choose who is going to do it. I prefer my wife.

The frustrating thing is that this is all about the illusion of security, not actual security.

The hilarious thing is the request of CAIR that women in hijabs be excluded. Are you kidding me? Shouldn't they be the first targeted based upon what identifiable group has actually been the danger to the flying public?


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