Moron of the Day: Michael J. Aguilar, San Diego TSA

I have never had a category for Government Bully of the Day. Maybe I should start. Today's winner of Moron of the Day (and who would win Bully of the Day) is Michael J. Aguilar, San Diego TSA Director.

Mr. Aguilar epitomizes government intimidation by opening an investigation into John "Don't Touch My Junk" Tyner who refused an unconstitutional pat-down search (after refusing a naked body x-ray scan) when entering an airport boarding area. Mr. Tyner's video of the event has gone viral and may be watched below (warning, 15 minutes long, "Don't touch my junk" at 3:24).

Congratulations to Moron of the Day Michael J. Aguilar, San Diego TSA Director.

If I were representing My Tyner, I would be looking into the possibility of filing a "Bivens action" lawsuit which is like a 1983 action, but against federal employees, based upon Mr. Aguilar's apparent violation of My Tyner's rights. Not the pat-down. That did not occur. But based upon the deliberate attempt to chill Mr. Tyner's right of free speech by the deliberate intimidation of the publicly announced opening of an investigation. That is a truly scummy, slime-ball thing for Mr. Aquilar to do. That is the government for ya!

And it gets worse:


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