ACORN: Crime and Cover-up in Nevada

This on e has been boiling for a while. Remember how the ACORN spokespeople, e.g. Scott Levenson, claimed that the instances of voter registration fraud (about 50 charges, 30 guilty pleas to date) were all rogue employees and ACORN the organization had no role in the fraud? Remember that?

well, here be go in Nevada where ACORN not only have a role in illegal voter registrations, but acted to cover up its crimes. Fox News report here.

Organizations truly do have cultures. In the 1960s, you could tell an IBM guy by the dark suit and black tie. You can tell a military guy by the bearing and pride in our nation. How can you tell an ACORN person? By the acceptance of criminality, I guess. By the defensiveness over the indefensible.

The organization is corrupt. It is too bad. Poor people need charitable assistance with some of the matters that ACORN addressed. I hope some good faith-based charities will step in to fill the void.

On a related front, the New York Times continues to be slow on the story. No report yet of the criminal charges against ACORN itself.


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