Van Jones Resigns -- Updated

Van Jones resigned after a "vicious smear campaign" (as he calls it) which consisted of video replays of Van Jones's own words in speeches and interviews.

MSM irresponsibly ignored the controversy from the start and continues to ignore the solution.

One pundit expressed the hope that Van Jones would remain in the administration, because he would exemplify how bad things are on a continuous basis -- and give the pundit plenty of fodder for punditry.

Update: To Mr. Jones: a "smear campaign" involves the spreading of lies about the subject of the campaign. It is not a "smear" to replay your own words over and over again. As for your apology, did you really think it would be sufficient to apologize for offending anyone? What about disavowing Communism and Marxism, rather than embracing the made up word "eco-capitalism" as a stepping stone to Marxism? How about disavowing your statements that white are delivbereately poisoning non-whites in our country? How about disavowing your statement that we in the US are dumping toxins on illegal immigrants working in the fields? The campaign for your ouster was justified based upon the truths about you from your own lips.

Good riddance. One down.


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