Can He Be Trusted With Our Children?

Under normal circumstances, I would applaud any President giving a talk directly to students. I would trust almost any President to say the rights things, geared to children, without some awful attempt at indoctrination.

I wish I trusted President Obama to make such a speech. He is certainly capable to doing a great job.

But, after his actions of the last few months, becoming if anything a more divisive president than George Bush or Richard Nixon, I have no trust in the man. Most people I know, much less the talented and Harvard educated, would have the common sense not to appoint self-avowed Communists, Marxists and general wackjobs to high office. And don't forget the tax cheat as Secretary of the Treasury.

As is being reported,
But already, some conservatives are crying foul. The chairman of the Florida Republican Party is condemning Obama's speech as an attempt to "indoctrinate America's children to his socialist agenda."
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I want to trust our President with as simple a task as speaking to children. I am sorry. I do not. And neither do all those who plan to keep their kids out of school that day. Forget me. hat does that say about confidence in our president?


Funeral Guy said…
I submit that conservatives are making too big a deal about this. My thought in this post.

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