Radicals Advising the White House

Are you as confused as I am about all this talk about Czars in our government? Is that really their official titles?

It turns out that, no, "Czar" is no one's official title. But each of these appointments is for a position that seems to wield particular power. Some of them are actually statutorily created and even require the advice and consent of the Senate for appointment. But in most cases, the official title is something like "Special Advisor to the President" and thus escapes the checks and balances of Senate confirmation. Sure the Democrats control the Senate, but evil in appointees backgrounds tends to get revealed in public hearings.

So the Obama administration (as, I suppose administrations before it) is trying to circumvent public scrutiny by special titles for people with powers in position not authorized -- or at least created -- by statute.

How is the attempt to avoid scrutiny working? In the case of the more outrageous appointments, not very well. Of course, what does the administration expect when it appoints people like:

-- Van Jones -- Outspoken, highly visible, self-described Communist who is the special advisor on creating green jobs.

-- Cass Sustein -- Director of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs who actually was confirmed with the advice and consent of the Senate. He is a Harvard law professor that thinks your dog and even your tree should have the legal right to go into court to sue you. Really.

-- Mark Lloyd -- FCC diversity advisor who is an outspoken fan of Marxism and the Marxist dictator Hugo Chavez.

-- John Holdren -- special science advisor who co-authored a book years ago promoting euthanasia for population control and who refuses to disavow that wacky notion and others. Another far lefty for the administration.

For a complete list of the various "czars," go here.

The White House is getting a bit snarky about calling them Czars. The White House is perfectly right on this. Czars were the imperial leaders of Russia and there was only one at a time. A better and more descriptive title for the Obama administration would be "Commissars." I support the White House in making this correction.

In the meantime, whatever you call them, the White House is bringing itself into disrepute by appointing and supporting these radicals. As if the health care debacle weren't bad enough.

For ongoing coverage of this travesty, watch the Glenn Beck Show on Fox News at 5 pm Eastern time Monday through Friday.


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