ACORN - Taxpayers Paying for Liberal Activism. Updated. Further Update: LA Subpoenas Issued

ACORN is a blatantly partisan group that says it is non-partisan. But everyone knows it is partisan. The defensive statements of Bertha Lewis essentially acknowledge that ACORN is a partisan being attacked by the other side. There is hardly even a pretense of non-partisanship.

So, given that, why is ACORN the recipient of massive amounts of government money? It is simply wrong to use taxpayer dollars to fund partisan organizations in any small part, even if they may do some useful community work.

A church may run a food kitchen, but that does not authorize the government to fund the church activities.

I suspect the answer may lay in the many layered organization of ACORN. It is said to have hundreds of related organizations. None of the media reports have really delved into the relationships with any clarity, except the relationship with SEIU. I suspect the web of organizations to a bit too complex. Why are there so many? Are there several separately incorporated in each state? Will anyone with the time unravel this mystery? Is it worth doing?

With the calls for investigations, someone will have to unravel the tangle. It will be a tedious job. I hope there are some out there in the media with the skills to reveal the mysteries in an understandable way.

Only then will we get a glimpse of the many ways ACORN is abusing taxpayer money for liberal advocacy.

Update: A similar article on In related news, Big Government is reporting that the Attorney General of Louisiana last month issued subpoenas for corporate records of ACORN, apparently related to the alleged cover up of embezzlement by Dale Rathke, the ACORN founder Wade Rathke's brother. A copy of the first page of the subpoena can be seen. If the subpoena was issued last month, I suspect the response date has passed, unless it was extended.


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