The Racist Effect of Gun Control

From the Austin Gun Examiner:
Federal Bureau of Investigation statistics show that in states with more gun control, Blacks are hindered from defending their lives, while Whites are not.
After extracting civilian justifiable homicide data from the FBI Supplement Homicide reports for 2000-2007, there are clear inequities between Blacks and Whites in states which restrict the right of self-defense by not granting concealed carry permits to law-abiding citizens. Conversely, in right-to-carry (RTC) states -– where law-abiding civilians carry concealed handguns in public -- Blacks experienced above-average rates of justifiable homicide.
In states without "right to carry," whites fare better in justifiable homicides (e.g., primarily self defense) than do non-whites. But in right-to-carry states, black are more likely found to have killed justifiably.

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