Planned Town Hall Disruptions by the Left

If you weren't already persuaded about the complete dishonesty and moral bankruptcy of the hell care reform proponents, here is a video of a Health Care for America Now (HCAN) organizer instructing people how to disrupt a town hall meeting when interested ordinary citizens ask difficult questions of their elected representatives.

We don't need to stinking free speech, so we will drown you out!!

Ed Morrissey at had these comments:
In a way, this is a microcosm of the debate over health care. The opponents of ObamaCare want to read through the bill and hold elected officials accountable for its contents. Advocates just want to shout mindless slogans in the hope that everyone will give up and go home. Hey, how’s that working out for you so far?

That also applies to Barack Obama and the leadership in Congress. After dropping a thousand-page bill in the House, Obama wanted it passed within days instead of having Representatives and Senators read the bill and debate its wisdom, supposedly because an emergency made actual debate impossible. The emergency? Congress couldn’t wait to leave the Beltway and meet their constituents (ha!) and Obama was hiding the real deficit numbers that showed his administration screwed up their projections in February.
Mind you, this is planned disruption, planned discourtesy. This is very different form the spontaneous audience reaction we have seen in the various town hall videos posted here and elsewhere.

The left does not want a debate. The lefties believe they are anointed to impose their values on everyone else. You don't need no stinking opinions of your own, man.


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