Sherrod Brown Part of the Problem

I am sharing with you my letter to Sherrod Brown sent this morning:

Via Fax (614) 469-2171
Hon. Sherrod Brown
United States Senate
455 Russell Senate Building
Washington DC 20510

Dear Hon. Sen. Brown,

So far 50 ACORN employees have been charged with voter registration fraud, 30 of whom have pleaded guilty. Last week and this, undercover videos show Acorn employees in different cities encouraging tax fraud and conspiring to place brothels – featuring 15 year old girls who are also illegal immigrants – into neighborhoods.

ACORN is either incompetently managed of corporately corrupt.

This year, Congress voted to fund ACORN (and its affiliates, I guess) to the tune of $8.5 billion. You voted for it.

You have never called for any sort of investigation of this outfit. Funding this sort of organization with taxpayer money is a travesty and corrupt waste of taxpayer dollars.

Instead, you sent me a letter telling me you are working hard to take away our health care freedom in this country. With you voting for $8.5 billion going to a corrupt organization like ACORN, how can you possibly content that government will root out waste and corruption in health care system? Do you think the public is that stupid?

The way I see it, YOU are part of the problem in Washington.

If you are an Ohioan, please send your own letter. Be polite, but firm. No coarse language. Let him know that he is letting us down. Let's say good bye to this guy in 2012.


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