Bertha Lewis: Rudeness Personified

ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis was interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday today. Also interviewed was Congressman Issa, an ACORN critic. Congressman Issa was unfailingly courteous and polite. Bertha Lewis was, well, rude. She would not answer simple questions, but instead presented filibustery non-answers. Twice Congressman Issa politely addressed questions directly to her. She refused even to look in his direction.

Make your own judgment:

ACORN is a strange organization. One thing is clear: it works unabashedly for Democratic candidates. Bertha Lewis made some reference to firewalls between organizations. No politically oriented organization should be getting federal money. Money given for program X frees up other money that can be used for political purposes. No firewall can protect against that sort of budget shifting.

ACORN may do some good work for the poor. Fine. Let it do so in peace (after rooting out the criminal behavior), but don't make me pay for it through my tax dollars if there is any chance that my tax dollars will help ACORN find the funds for its political activities..


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