ACORN News Continues

There are calls for the Justice Department to investigate ACORN. Would you trust Eric Holder to head such any investigation? It was Holder's Justice Department who voluntarily dropped civil suits for injunction against Black militants who intimidated voters in Philadelphia. Sadly, I don't trust the attorney General of the United States to conduct an investigation of a politically connected organization like ACORN.

I have referred to ACORN as a criminal enterprise. Nevada may make that official. In Nevada, ACORN as an organization along with top individuals is under indictment for election registration crimes. Don't expect a conviction soon, though. The case is on hold while the ACLU files suit to challenge the constitutionality of the law under which ACORN was charged, all per the Las Vegas Sun.

On another front, Senator Mike Johanns today will offer an amendment to block Federal funding of ACORN. It's about time. Don't expect the radical left wing in Congress to go along.


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