Friday, May 08, 2009

Obama Horror Show

The Obama administration displays its "end justifies the means" philosophy of intimidation reported in a Wall Street Journal article.

Former Obama voters want their identities protected in court filings because of Obama administration threats of political persecution.

Barack Obama. What a guy.

ACORN Fraud 14 States

In 14 states, ACORN employees have pleaded guilty or been indicted on fraud charges, including a regional director and ACORN itself in at least on instance.

Scott Levenson, ACORN spokesperson claims that it just the employees. Really? Fraud charges 14 states. Can he really be blind to the obvious massive management deficiencies? Does widespread fraud such as that occur with good management?

Now ACORN is reported to be in line to get juicy government contracts to work with the 2010 census. Isn't that comforting.

They claim to be simply community organizers. Friends in high places?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Obama's Waste Continues

At what point does massive government waste surprise us?

What genius was behind a government grant to study homosexuals and drinking in Argentina? Stupid government tricks.

Fire him, her or it. Now.

Gender Silliness