Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Canadian Gestapo Arrest Man After Daughter Draws Picture Showing Dad with a Gun

In America it would be an unbelievable story. A little girl draws a picture of her dad with the gun showing him killing bad guys and monsters. The teacher takes it to the principal and Dad gets arrested for possession of a firearm. The police search his house, a warrantless search, and turn up nothing but a toy airgun. In the meantime, the data strip-searched and the children interrogated by goons from Family and Children's Services, who report the children were scared.  Scared?  No wonder given the actions of government officials.

There was no gun found, as if that would be a big deal (apparently it is in Canada).

Read it in the Toronto Sun.

Terrorism by jack-booted government thugs.  The parents are looking for a new school  Hint:  Avoid government schools.

Could it happen here?  Elect too many Democrats and we may just find out.

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