Monday, November 07, 2016

Opposition to Voter ID is Racist?

I read a recent Mother Jones article (don't ask why) that noted that voter ID laws have a negligible effect on elections.  OK so far.  Then the author said, "The main reason [for voter ID laws] is that these laws are aimed very precisely at African-American and Hispanic voters."  
That could not be more false, unless it refers to keeping illegal immigrants who are African-American or Hispanic.

The truth is that the Democrats oppose voter ID laws using purely racist arguments. 
 They argue that poor African-Americans and Hispanics don't know how to get free state-issued IDs.  Really.  That is the argument.  The underlying assumption is the purely racist assumption that poor African Americans and Hispanics are disproportionately incapable of acquiring state-issued IDs.  Democrats cannot and do not argue that government racists refuse to issue the free IDs.  Democrats default to an inherently racist argument about competence.  

Poor African Americans and Hispanics are fully competent members of our society.  They know how to get IDs.  They have them to drive, to buy cigarettes, to apply for benefits, and for every other need.

I don't understand why so many large numbers of African Americans and Hispanics still vote Democrat which is the past and present racist party. 

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