Friday, May 11, 2012

Obama's War on Truth part 3 (for today)

Michelle Malkin's column today details the lies and subsequent cover up that led to President Obama's drilling moratorium.

He's got to go next January, he really does.  There isn't time to impeach and try him before then.

Obama's War on Truth Part 2 (for today)

The Columbus dispatch is reporting on President Obama's campaign kick off in Columbus last Saturday, saying that the Obama campaign moved supporters to empty seats behind the president to make it look better for TV.

source:  Columbus Dispatch

Reason #6 Obama is a Bad President

Eric Holder.  Why?  How about:  Fast and Furious?  How about refusing to take default judgment against polling place intimidation thugs who were Black panthers?  How about stonewalling Congress when they ask about Fast and Furious?

Obama's War on Truth Continues

The Obama's campaign's latest ad, a follow up from the Julia fiasco, has Brian Slagle claiming to be a laid off autoworker who got his job back thanks to Obama and the stimulus.  The trouble is, it is a lie.  Brian Slagle has been an employee of Johnson Controls since 2006, according to Slagle's own facebook page (information since removed).  Source:  Weekly Standard.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Reason #5 Obama is a Bad President


$535 Million taxpayer money wasted.  down the tubes.  All for political gain.  And this one company is the tip of a very large iceberg.

Where does the government get the authority to make risky business investments with our money?

Gender Silliness