Monday, November 07, 2016

Opposition to Voter ID is Racist?

I read a recent Mother Jones article (don't ask why) that noted that voter ID laws have a negligible effect on elections.  OK so far.  Then the author said, "The main reason [for voter ID laws] is that these laws are aimed very precisely at African-American and Hispanic voters."  
That could not be more false, unless it refers to keeping illegal immigrants who are African-American or Hispanic.

The truth is that the Democrats oppose voter ID laws using purely racist arguments. 
 They argue that poor African-Americans and Hispanics don't know how to get free state-issued IDs.  Really.  That is the argument.  The underlying assumption is the purely racist assumption that poor African Americans and Hispanics are disproportionately incapable of acquiring state-issued IDs.  Democrats cannot and do not argue that government racists refuse to issue the free IDs.  Democrats default to an inherently racist argument about competence.  

Poor African Americans and Hispanics are fully competent members of our society.  They know how to get IDs.  They have them to drive, to buy cigarettes, to apply for benefits, and for every other need.

I don't understand why so many large numbers of African Americans and Hispanics still vote Democrat which is the past and present racist party. 

Friday, May 01, 2015

Family Law Horror Stories

I do not practice family law, but I read the new cases in Ohio as they are reported.  Here the court ordered an ex-husband to pay alimony in an amount greater than his income (after federally ordered bankruptcy payments).

Here is a case in which the court of appeals affirmed a trial court that had ordered a man to continue to pay $1,000 per month in (ex-)spousal support.  Three months after the divorce, the man had filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy and had a monthly $890 obligation to the bankruptcy trustee.  Four months after the divorce, he applied for and was awarded SSI disability receiving $1,242 per month, his only source of income.  

somehow the court thought it was acceptable to force him to continue to pay $1000 per month to his ex-wife from his $352 monthly net income remaining after paying the bankruptcy trustee.  A significant factor was the man's subsequent marriage to a woman who was employed and paid all their household expenses from her income.  The court apparently assumed that either the new wife must make up the shortfall or the 100% disabled ex-husband should get a job.

The court sends a very clear message: If you get divorced and must pay alimony, don't get married (and don't be supported by someone).  

The case is Cox. v. Cox, 2015-Ohio-1660.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Upper Arlington City Schools Mislead on Common Core

As a citizen of the City of Upper Arlington, Ohio, and a graduate of the Upper Arlington City Schools many years ago, I was curious whether my local school district had adopted the controversial Common Core standards. "Common Core" is the official name for the standards, not a deliberately derogatory name.  There is an apparently official website promoting the so-called standards by that name:  (I call them so-called standards, because apparently they fail the ANSI standard to be called a standard.)

The Upper Arlington City School District has a fine reputation in the past for educating students.  If these standards are such a great idea for our schools, why does my school district run from the name "Common Core" and pretend that they are merely following a new set of "state standards"?  Check out the Upper Arlington City Schools web site.  You will search in vain for the correct name for these standards, "Common Core."

I can only conclude that the web site is a deliberate attempt to mislead the public.  The District knows that Common Core is controversial, so the District has adopted a technically correct euphemism for Common Core in Ohio.  The standards are widely known as "Common Core" in Ohio and nationally.  As the public learns about Common Core, states are beginning to opt out, e.g., Indiana.  Parents, students and teachers are protesting.  The District runs from the Common Core name to keep the public uninformed about the reality of the District's adoption of Common Core.

As a voter, my message will be a clear "vote no" at the next education levy campaign by the Upper Arlington City School District.  


Monday, April 08, 2013

US Government's War Against Christians

Can there any longer be doubt that the Federal government is at war with Christianity?

The United States Army is training its soldiers that the following are examples of  religious extremism:

  • Evangelical Christians
  • Catholicism
  • Islamophobia

I wish I were kidding.  My ex-military parents, uncle and grandfather must be churning up their graves about now.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How Congressional Reps Should Respond to Media on Gun Control

The media is in a gun control frenzy.  They love to bait gun control opponents with loaded questions.  Here is my proposed response that works with just about any question from the media:
"Let me get this straight.  Are you saying that Congress should pass laws infringing on the right of the people to keep and bear arms?"  Then, to paraphrase Stephen Colbert, "Have you read the Constitution?"
Even it more gun control were a good idea, it is NOT the province of the federal government under our federal system.  The first questions any congress person should ask before voting for ANY legislation is whether it is properly a matter for the federal government.  If the answer is no, vote no.

Under the Second amendment, it is the exclusive province of the states to regulate firearms.  "...Congress shall make no law...."  Not some laws.  Not limited laws.  Not reasonable laws.  No law.

No law means none, zero, zip.

I wish the Supreme Court could read plain English.

If gun regulation is such a great idea, persuade the state legislatures.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Focus on "Violent Crime," not "Gun Violence"

The left's new weapon against guns is ... words. Now the left is all concerned about curbing "gun violence." Apparently Piers Morgan and crew prefer you to be stabbed or bludgeoned to death rather than shot by a firearm. The problem is "violent crime" not violence only by gun.

When they focus on "gun violence" rather than "violent crime" they ignore the problem. Their message is that they would be happy if violent criminals to change their methods. They want them to choose weapons other than guns. The leftists apparently don't care about knife violence, death by bludgeon, death by strangulation, death by poison and on and on.

 The left does not want you to use a gun to be able to defend against a violent attack. Bulk up, ladies. According to the left, you should not be such wimps. Defend yourselves with your bare hands. So what if your attacker outweighs you by a hundred pounds or so?

 Back to the point. Every time the anti-gun crowds talks about "gun violence," they should be corrected. The problem is violent crime, whether by gun, knife, baseball bat or any other weapon. Focusing only on gun violence is completely dishonest.

Opposition to Voter ID is Racist?

I read a recent Mother Jones article (don't ask why) that noted that voter ID laws have a negligible effect on elections.  OK so far.  T...