Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Wokeism Defined

 I received a call from a friend of mine yesterday. The subject of wokeism came up. He thinks he's against it, but asked me to define it. I gave him a definition which in hindsight was inadequate. Searching the web, I think I found one on Wokeism.org with which I am comfortable:

Wokeism is a Marxist inspired movement that started off with well-intentioned people that wanted to stop racism and social injustice. It has now morphed into a cult that seeks to silence all of those that disagree. At first, using social humiliation, but now graduating to violence through Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots.

Wokeism demands equity not equality. It seeks to destroy all norms, to redefine words, and destroy objective science in order to create a Marxist Utopia. Instead of reducing racism, this new anti-racism is just racism by a different name.

Wokeism.org is dedicated to stopping wokeism. If you are interested in this topic, check it out.

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