Thursday, April 28, 2022

Wokeism Today: Marijuana is Racist

 In an obvious fit of woke delusional lunacy, the state of Washington has eliminated the word marijuana from the state codes on the grounds that the word marijuana is somehow racist.  I am not making this up. here is one of many news articles.

I grew up in the 60s. I heard the word marijuana many times. Never, never, never did the use of the word imply black or brown people. In implied, well, a plant known as marijuana that got folks high. What a shocker.

The sponsor of the bill, a Democrat, naturally, contended that the word marijuana was used to lock up many black and brown people. Crazy. The word wasn't used to lock people up. It was the sale and use of a controlled substance and getting caught that got them locked up. Not the word. I knew plenty of white folks who got locked up as well.  (As an aside, I support legalization whether it is called marijuana or it is called cannabis.  The word does not matter.)

Just when you think the woke folk can't get any crazier, something else comes along.

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