Monday, September 17, 2007

Abukar Arman and Support for HAMAS

Akubar Arman was a member of the Franklin County, Ohio justice commission which has oversight of homeland security in Franklin County. After Patrick Poole exposed Akubar Arman’s support of HAMAS, the Franklin county officials discovered that Mr. Arman was not a United States citizen and therefore prohibited from serving on the commission.

About the same time, Barbara Carmen, a Columbus Dispatch reporter, wrote an article about how Mr. Arman had been “cleared” of terrorism charges. That was of course absurd, because no one had charged Mr. Arman with any terrorism charges.

There is no doubt that Mr. Arman is a HAMAS supporter. He is not shy about his support having written one or more supportive published articles.

Memo to Barbara Carmen: The Clinton administration accurately identified and designated HAMAS as a terrorist organization. Mr. Arman, therefore, is a supporter of a terrorist organization. That does not mean he is about to strap bombs around his own waist. But if he supports a terrorist organization, he necessarily and logically supports terrorism.

Mr. Arman says it is his constitutional right to free speech to support HAMAS. Maybe so, but speech has consequences. And the consequences of his speech are that he supports terrorism, so I don’t want him anywhere near my government. This is not about hate. It is about right and wrong, and supporting terrorism is wrong.

Message to Muslims: if you support HAMAS, you support terrorism. Conversely, if you wholly reject terrorism, you must wholly reject HAMAS.

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