Monday, December 03, 2007

Sharia Law Barbarism

On the Teddy bear named Mohammed and the lashed for the rape victim (for being in a car with a man not her husband), finally a New York Times editorial with which I can agree:
Muslims who wonder why non-Muslims are often baffled, angered, even frightened by some governments’ interpretation of Islamic law need only look to the cases of two women in Saudi Arabia and Sudan threatened with barbaric lashings.
What one Muslim leader, Ibrahim Mogra of the Muslim Council of Britain, said about the Sudan case can also be applied to the Saudis’: “How does this help the cause of Islam? What kind of message and image are we portraying about our religion and our culture?”
And what about the Sudanese protesters demanding her life? What does that say?

Even CAIR shudders at the Sudanese reaction to the teddy bear situation, albeit in a more muted fashion than I would.

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