Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gun Control Kills

How can United States citizens be safer from gun crimes? Any legislator that actually researches the statistics must conclude that the right of citizens to carry arms for their defense discourages crime.

The economist John Lott is the foremost economist that has compiled, studied and analyzed the statistic. His methods have never been successfully criticized. He is the author of More Guns, Less Crime and The Bias Against Guns.

The bottom line conclusions are quite clear: gun control kills people. The right to carry guns protects them from injury and death.

In the United Kingdom, 53% of burglaries occur while the homeowner is home. The statistic in the US: 16%. Why? The UK bans all gun ownership, including in the home. In the US, criminals worry about getting killed in an occupied dwelling, so they do a better job of making sure their target is empty.

The pointy headed administrators at Virginia Tech have the blood of 36 professors and students on their hands by making Virginia Tech safe for nut case gun men, that is, designating the campus a so-called "gun free" zone.

Ohio enacted concealed carry laws in 2004. Ohio has a way to go, though. Ohio's law makes churches dangerous places to be, because they are presumptive gun free zones. Anyone carrying a concealed gun to church needs permission from the church. Are churches safe? Ask the folks at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs where a parishioner/voluntary fired her concealed handgun to stop a not case gun man from killing more people (he had already killed four). Ohio needs to fix this dangerous situation by deleting the presumptive gun free zones in churches.

Gun control kills. Law-abiding citizens use guns to defend and protect themselves and others.

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