Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jihad: Cause or Enabler?

I have not previously weighed in on the Fort Hood tragedy in which Major Nidal Hasan, a Muslim convert, went on killing spree shouting Allahu ackbar (God is Great in Arabic).

The question is was this an act of terror? Or was he just nuts?

Let's assume that he was nuts. To me that does not lessen the responsibility of radial Islam for the tragedy, because radical Islamic views appear to have provided impetus to Major Hasan's murderous spree. While it would be that much worse if he were spurred on by Al Qaeda, peaceful Muslims still have to solve the repeated Islamic connection to random acts of violence by nutcases. They have the inside forum, and they have the means (presumably) and the responsibility to solve the problem from within.

If Hasan had been shouting, "I deserved a promotion, I kill you all," no one would be making the Islam connection to the killings. No. He was shouting the terrorists' rallying cry.

Ipso facto, radical Islam bears the shame and responsibility for the tragedy. Peaceful Muslims need to clean their house of the radical elements, or these things will continue to occur. It has to be solved from within.

The rest of us would appreciate strong assurances from the insiders that they are taking effective steps. I am not hearing it.

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