Monday, May 23, 2011

David Gregory Reveals His Racist Thinking

By assuming that receivers of "food stamps" are black, David Gregory of NBC, shows himself to be racist (video below). Clearly David Gregory is racist in his head, because when he hears "food stamps" he thinks black people. How else can you explain his question to Newt Gingerich?

Sarah Palin calls Gregory out on his racism.

The real problem is that racism underlies so much of the progressive agenda. "Affirmative action" is the most egregious example, because the underlying assumption is that blacks are inferior to whites that they cannot make it on their own without a a "progressive" helping hand. I do not believe that. Sadly, blacks vote for Democrats in large numbers to take advantage of the Democrats' benevolent racism. The intentions may be a benevolent helping hand for the "disadvantaged" (as they prefer to characterize it), but the attitude is racist nevertheless.

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