Friday, April 27, 2012

Moron of the Day: Ray LaHood

Calling for more Federal government oppression, Obama's Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood wants a Federal ban on the use of mobile telephones while driving.  Government Overlord LaHood would ban not just texting, but also hands-free talking.  Today's Moron of the Day does not care whether Congress has that enumerated power under the Constitution.  He does not care whether the states could exercise that power if they desired.  In fact he admits,
"Thirty-eight states have laws restricting or outlawing the use of electronic devices while driving, LaHood said.
Clueless Ray doesn't articulate why talking on the cell phone should be a Federal matter rather than a state issue.  Almost as bad, Mr. LaHood lives up to his name by trying to bully automobile manufacturing executives out of including more such conveniences in new automobiles.  NBC reports:
He said he has called the CEOs of major car companies and encouraged them to "think twice" before placing too many Internet-based systems into new cars.
Ray "The Hood" LaHood thus promotes government oppression.

Congratulations to our latest Moron of the Day, Ray "the Hood" LaHood.

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