Monday, January 14, 2013

Focus on "Violent Crime," not "Gun Violence"

The left's new weapon against guns is ... words. Now the left is all concerned about curbing "gun violence." Apparently Piers Morgan and crew prefer you to be stabbed or bludgeoned to death rather than shot by a firearm. The problem is "violent crime" not violence only by gun.

When they focus on "gun violence" rather than "violent crime" they ignore the problem. Their message is that they would be happy if violent criminals to change their methods. They want them to choose weapons other than guns. The leftists apparently don't care about knife violence, death by bludgeon, death by strangulation, death by poison and on and on.

 The left does not want you to use a gun to be able to defend against a violent attack. Bulk up, ladies. According to the left, you should not be such wimps. Defend yourselves with your bare hands. So what if your attacker outweighs you by a hundred pounds or so?

 Back to the point. Every time the anti-gun crowds talks about "gun violence," they should be corrected. The problem is violent crime, whether by gun, knife, baseball bat or any other weapon. Focusing only on gun violence is completely dishonest.

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