Friday, August 04, 2006

Moonbat Logic Part 1

This is the first in a series of posts on that oxymoron: moonbat logic. Today, we have:

Goldstein v. Frisch (coming to a courthouse near someone)

The tormenter of blogger Jeff Goldstein is a moonbat named Deborah Frisch. After making ugly public comments that any reasonable person would take as threatening Mr. GoldsteinÂ’s children, Ms. Frisch resigned her job as an adjunct professor at University of Arizona and continued her awful blog-baiting with nasty sexual references to Mr. Goldstein, his wife and children. Although even fellow moonbats told her she had gone overboard and was an embarrassment to liberals everywhere, Ms. Frisch refused to cease her nasty attacks on Mr. Goldstein and his family. Mr. Goldstein has now apparently brought legal action.

Of course, Ms. Frisch thinks herself somehow the victim because Mr. Goldstein actually posted, or left posted, her comments on his blog. Ms. Frisch thinks Mr. Goldstein should pay her damages. (At last report, it appears that no lawyer can be found to pursue her weird claim.)

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