Monday, November 19, 2007

Mr. El-Yousseph Responds

Lest we learn from history, we are doomed to make the mistake again. The same demogouge was said of Japanese American fellowing the attack on Pearl Harbor. We did not trust them, we put them in concentration camps. Then we send their men to fight for us in the southPasific and they were performed heroically and were highly decorated units.
You will never question the loyalt of Jewish American to the US when they express support and sympathy to Israel. Even their support is sending to money to built illegal settlemnet- which is illegal under U.S. law. What about spying by some of them and giving our top secrets to foreign nation? What about demand of every U.S presdient since 1985 the release a spy [Johnathon Pollard] who is serving life-sentence in U.S. jail.
At least I encouraged my oldest son the join the US miltary, where as they encourage their sons and daughters to join the Israeli defense forces. That is the forces who killed in cold blood 34 of our sailors, and injured 172 other not long ago.
And what did you do when a 23 years old American peace activist name Racheal Corrie was crushed to death by 10,000 lb bulldozer by the Israeli army in Rafah, Palestine 6 years ago?
If you answer is nothing, then we are on a different wave length.
After all, I did not attend a rally in Kansas to protest military funeral,where I stepped on the old glory, carrying signs that read, " America is Doomed", "Thank God for IED", "Thank God for Maimed soldiers"
I did not say after 9/11, America get what it deserve! Jerry Farewll did
I did suggest that someone should
fire a missile into the U.S. State Dep.! Pat Robertson did.
Yet all the 3 example mentioned above, people were exercising their first amandment right. Had I said or did any of the mentioned above, I will be serving time in Gitmo, Cuba. So why have two standards. Why is being hypocrical David. I was hoping I will be having an open and fruitfull debate. Sadly not.
I leave it to the reader to decide whether Mr. El Yousseph ever explains how one can be loyal to the United States and at the same time support an organization that has declared, and acted upon, enmity with the United States. Clearly, the response voices opposition to Israel.

As I said, one can loyally oppose United States policy. That is every American's right.

My quarrel is NOT with opposing policy, it is with supporting an organization that is a declared enemy of the United States and has terrorized and killed United States citizens as part of its policy. As I read his response, Mr. El-Yousseph fails to address that critical issue.

Update: Mr. El-Yousseph informs me that the letter I published above was not intended to be his response. I apologize to him if I misunderstood. I will be pleased to publish has actual response, unedited, as this letter was.

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