Wednesday, November 14, 2007

U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar: Arrogant Jerk

Last week on the Glenn Beck television program, United States Representative Henry Cuellar made an arrogant, demeaning comment to another guest, the county sheriff in Laredo, who like Cuellar was Hispanic. The comment implied that the sheriff should stick to sheriff work and leave public policy to important people like Cuellar (not his exact words, but that was the clear meaning).

To his credit, Glenn Beck called Cuellar on the comment and said, "Shame on you" to Cuellar for the belittling the sheriff. It turns out that Cuellar's brother is running for election against that particular sheriff.

Now, Cuellar is going around calling Glenn Beck a racist. Apparently in Cuellar's world, if you do something dumb, don't apologize:. Defend yourself by calling others evil and unsupportable names.

I tried to email Representative Cuellar about the issue, but according to his website, I can't get his email address unless I live in his district. What arrogance!

If you live in Laredo Texas, you need to know what kind of guy is representing you. He is the kind of guy who is too arrogant to admit a mistake and move on. He reacts by attacking others.

A horrible, horrible man, apparently. A disgrace to public servants. Oh yeah. For what it is worth, he is a Democrat.

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