Friday, November 06, 2009

Courtroom Deputy Violates Trust .. On Camera

The video below depicts completely outrageous conduct by a Maricopa County, Arizona, courtroom deputy that wanders over behind the back only defense attorney who was addressing the court in order to stare a file. He opens a file takes out a paper. The defense attorney is justifiably outraged and requests a hearing.

Here is a report on the follow-up hearing from the local paper Heat City. There is no question in my mind that his deputies should fire. Our justice system has no place in it for courtroom personnel who behave in this manner. The lawyer's file is protected by law, and that protection is vital to the administration of justice.

The deputy's actions that I observed were devious and dishonest. As lawyers, we trust the people involved in the justice system. Trusting the honesty of others, we will leave our briefcases containing files while we go to the restroom and the like, and certainly never anticipate that any court official will be rifling through them.

This deputy has set a horrible example for the system of justice. He deserves not only firing but severe punishment -- including jail time -- for his conduct.

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Anonymous said...

The judge should be reprimanded for her conduct too. How could she not have noticed that and how could she not control her courtroom.

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