Thursday, December 03, 2009

Courtroom Deputy Refuses to Apologize.-- Update: Deputy Jailed

On November 6, I reported on the Maricopa County courtroom deputy who violated the trust we lawyers have in courtroom personnel when he snooped in a criminal defense lawyer's file. After a hearing, the deputy was held in contempt and ordered to jail unless he purged the contempt by holding a press conference and apologizing for his actions.

He held the press conference all right, but refused to apologize.

Update: The courtroom deputy, Adam Stoddard, is jailed. Report here.

Contrary to the statements of Deputy Stoddard's union brothers, Deputy Stoddard's actions were reprehensible and unlawful. There appears to be a stand-off brewing in Phoenix. The administrative judge needs to address Sheriff Arpaio and tell him in no uncertain terms what sort of conduct is acceptable in the Maricopa County courtrooms.

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