Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Laws of Economics Trump War on Drugs

Continuing on a theme, Congress cannot repeal or amend the laws of economics any more than it can repeal or amend the law of gravity. The war on drugs is akin to an attempt to amend the laws of economics.

As long as there is a demand for mind altering drugs, there will be suppliers. The war on drugs makes it risker and more difficult (but obviously not impossible) for suppliers to supply the drugs. The war attack the supply.

The laws of economics kick in. Where there is a demand, but supply is limited, prices go up. As long as prices exceed costs to the supplier, the supplier can make a profit. Where there is a profit to be made, folks will fill the breach and make it.

But what are the other effects of the higher prices? With an addictive substance, demand is far less responsive to prices. The addicted will pay whatever the cost.

How? How will the addicted get the money?

Some of the addicted are employed and functional. They will earn the money, perhaps neglecting other obligations to pay for the drugs. What about the other addicted who don't earn the money?

The will burglarize and/or rob the rest of us if they can't get their fix money any other way.

Theft, including theft by violence is one of the may prices we pay for the War on drugs. We all pay it. We pay it in higher insurance premiums. We pay it in the loss of property (and lives) to theft and violence.

That is not even counting the deaths and kidnappings in the struggles between illegal drug cartels that exist only because of the war on drugs.

When will the government learn that it simply cannot repeal or amend the laws of economics? How many more people will die as a result of the government's stupidity?

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