Friday, May 28, 2010

Sestak Scandal Explained

I have been snoozing through the Sestak scandal. So the White House offered Mr. Sestak a "high up" job if he dropped out of the primary race against Arlen Specter. another back room deal, so what?

Now I understand. 18 U.S.C.§ 600 provides:

Whoever, directly or indirectly, promises any employment, position, compensation, contract, appointment, or other benefit, provided for or made possible in whole or in part by any Act of Congress, or any special consideration in obtaining any such benefit, to any person as consideration, favor, or reward for any political activity or for the support of or opposition to any candidate or any political party in connection with any general or special election to any political office, or in connection with any primary election or political convention or caucus held to select candidates for any political office, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.
As explained by Jonathon Adler on

The initial White House response was to deny that Sestak was ever offered a job, yet Sestak stuck to his story. So someone was lying. After a week or so of Administration officials saying nothing more than there nothing “inappropriate” occurred, the President has now promised an “official” response. Oddly, the President insists that “nothing improper” happened, but is unable (or unwilling) to provide the details — details he should have at his command if he is in a position to assure the press that “nothing improper” occurred.

In the meantime, the Washington Post reports Sestak’s brother (and campaign counsel) has recently met with White House folks about the allegations and the planned White House response. What’s the point of this if not to make sure everyone gets their stories straight so the issue will go away.
So, the bottom line is that the White House offer was criminal.

Anyone willing to bet that White House lackey A.G. Eric Holder will prosecute either the crime or the cover-up? Me neither

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