Friday, October 16, 2009

Global Cooling Crisis

It is no surprise to anyone that actually follwws these things and thinks for himself (herself or itself) that the earth is in a cooling trend. The BBC has reported on the ten years of steady cooling. If you are really dense, you may think that the earth is cooling because the polar ice is melting and floating in the oceans more (I read that one in the local newspaper).

But facts are facts. The earth is cooling. Is it because of sun spot activity, i.e., temporary cooling of the sun? Is it some other natural cooling trend?

No, of course not. Wait until the goofy folks in government lose their religion on global warming and they get on the cooling bus. It will somehow be because humans are causing it. We don't know how yet, but our egos will not permit any other explanation, right? Without humans as the problem, the politicians would not have another crisis they they would not want to go to waste (paraphrasing Rahm Imanuel)

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