Friday, October 30, 2009

Welcome Mat for the HIV Positive

For 20 years, this country has banned people who are HIV-positive from entering. President Obama is changing that. AP reports that President Obama is opening the doors of the United States are those that are HIV-positive.

Thank you, President Obama. Are you out of your mind?


The Funeral Guy said...

In all fairness to Obambi (and you know how much I hate to say those words), I believe this is just a continuation of the policy started under Bush 43.

Conservatarian said...

Granted, but I am no fan of George W. either.

Sophist said...

You do realize that this doesn't mean that everyone with AIDS gets to come here, right? All this means is that, on its own, your HIV status won't automatically make you ineligible to immigrate. Is that really such a bad thing? It's not as though a few more HIV positive individuals in the country will make much of a difference.

Conservatarian said...

Yes, Sophist, I realize that. However, immigration authorities typically bar all serious communicable diseases. Why should one as deadly as HIV-positive not be a disqualification to entry?

My assistant's British husband was threatened with being barred because of high blood pressure. Yet, HIV-positive is not a bar by presidential order? That is not rational.

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