Monday, October 16, 2006

California's State Religion

In law school we were told not to read too much into the cases that the United States Supreme Court declined to take. The court took an average of 1 out of more than 700 petitioning to be heard. However, United States Supreme Court in the past has usually accepted those cases that not only had significant legal issues but were also of high public interest. In the last 10 days, the United States Supreme Court has declined to hear two exceptionally important, highly public cases.

Eklund v. Byron Local School District was one such case, I thought. In Eklund, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals said that it was acceptable for California public schools to have children pretend to be Muslims and recite the Koran and prayers to Allah. So much for the separation of church and state in California when it comes to Islam.

Today, the United States Supreme Court has refused to hear the case of the Boy Scouts being discriminated against by the State of California. (Case name to be updated later). Apparently the State of California routinely allowed nonprofit groups free docking rights at a marina. However, since the Boy Scouts will not admit homosexuals or atheists for religions reasons, the State of California felt free to discriminate against the Boy Scouts. The California state religion of human secularism was established contrary to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

And no Supreme Court relief in sight.

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