Tuesday, October 31, 2006

National Election for National Security

I have been highly critical of the fiscal behavior of Republicans in Congress over the last week 12 years. In my opinion, the Republicans were far more fiscally responsible as a minority party, fighting to hold down the Democratic Party's profligate spending. Instead, as a majority party, the Republicans spend and spend, egged on by the Democrats who want to spend even more.

If this election were about fiscal responsibility, I would vote against Republicans. But unfortunately, we have more important things to worry about.

The first and primary duty of our federal government is national security. Our national security is threatened by outside terrorists.

The cut-and-run Democrats seem entirely incapable of understanding the nature and extent of the threat to our national security. As a result, we have only one choice on November 7.

I will hold my nose and vote for the Republicans for Congress.

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