Friday, October 13, 2006

What is CAIR?

Let us be very clear. The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) may have issued a short series of releases, long, long ago (September 2001) condemning terrorism, but CAIR is not an anti-terrorist group.

It proclaims itself to be a “civil rights” group. Like any civil rights group, it wants nothing less than victimhood for its constituency. For without victimhood, CAIR has no reason for being.

It is irrelevant to CAIR that Muslims are not victims in America. To the contrary, in America, Muslims (along with everyone else) enjoy far more rights than in any Sharia-law jurisdiction.

OK. CAIR claims to be a “civil rights” group. But what is it really? In my view, CAIR is part of the soft jihad, Islamic hate campaign in America. “Soft jihad” is my tern for the campaign to subjugate everyone else (known as dhimmi status) to Islam.


• By loudly complaining whenever anyone fails to show respect for Islam, despite its recent (and ancient) history of intolerance, violence and outrage.

• By falsifying “hate crime” statistics to intimidate non-Muslims;

• By trying to interfere with valid anti-terrorist activities through false civil rights claims;

• By failing to act in any way to protect America from Islamic terrorists

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