Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Arianna Huffington Ripped to Shreds -- No, Not Literally

Glenn Beck ripped Arianna Huffington to shreds (figuratively) last night over Ms. Huffington's weird mis-characterization of Glenn' Becks use of the word "slaughter." Ms. Huffingon mangled his obvious meaning turning it into an insinuation that Glenn was accusing Obama of planning to slaughter American citizens. Arianna Huffington reminds me of everyman's ex-wife who is capable of taking the most innocent of remarks and twisting them into something totally unrecognizable from the original utterance.

I get very angry at any side in a debate that misstates and mis-characterizes, seemingly intentionally. Although in this case, the mis-characterization may arise out of the left's collective delusions about Glenn Beck that he is somehow incendiary.

No. He is just very good at revealing the hidden agendas and making complex situations understandable. but the left does not like their hidden agendas revealed, hence the attacks.

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