Monday, February 08, 2010

Palin Palm ... Scandal?

The entire left side of the political spectrum, it seams, is revealing itself as inept, at least as public speakers.

I do plenty of public speaking myself. I understand that the prospect of public speaking scares most folks.

But here is a hint from a veteran: Better public speakers don't need teleprompters. Bullet points should be sufficient for good public speakers.

That is what Sarah Palin had Saturday night. Bullet points.

The great unlearned majority of the left -- and the lefty pundits who also rely on teleprompters -- can't fathom that Sarah Palin proved that she is a better public speaker than some dolt who needs a teleprompter. (Now who could I possible mean???}

The left doesn't need a reason to criticize Sarah Palin. They do it because simply she is.

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