Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally

Progressives have never understood Glenn Back. Rarely do they quote or characterize him accurately. I guess it is easy for them to avoid watching his television show on Fox News or to listen to his radio program. IF they did, they could not say the the hateful things they say about him. Granted, he says things sometimes he later regrets (calling President Obama a racist, for example). He says things I disagree with from time to time. In the main, though, I think he is generally spot on, and he is spot on with logic and reason.

Liberals call Mr. Beck a demagogue. When I hear or read that, I suspect they do not know the meaning of the word. Liberals are all about demagoguery rather than reason. Their feelings trump logic. Their version of logic seems to be their own reasoning divorced from the lessons of experience and the laws of economics. Glenn Beck may be wrong (occasionally), but he backs up his opinions with history and facts. That is the antithesis of demagoguery. Inn contract, Liberals back up their arguments with name-calling.

Some liberals are seeing chinks in their own hatred of Glenn Back after this past weekend's rally in Washington. John Douthat in the NY Times admits he underestimated the man. William Saleton in Slate acknowledged the sincerity of the crowd's approval of Dr. Martin Luther King. Both took their shots at Glenn Beck and the crowd, of course, with typical liberal arrogance.

Saleton's shots were almost humorous. He suggests that conservatives are always behind the progressive curve and come around after they have lost, specifically referring to racial equality. While there might be some truth there on some issues, such as racial equality issues, he also said, intending it as criticism of the present state of affairs:

Fifty years from now, when conservatives gather on the National Mall, they'll be celebrating the integration of American Muslims. On the hologram projector, they'll show dimensionally enhanced video of an anti-mosque rally from the bad old days of 2010. Their tribute won't be insincere. It'll just be a little bit late.
Mr. Saleton is truly clueless here. We all wish we could celebrate the integration of Muslims today. Unfortunately, there is a violent streak in certain adherents of Islam that read and believe the literal word of the Koran that says Islam must emerge secularly superior to the rest of us. Peace means the rest of us are dead or submissive to Islam. When those elements are gone, we will happily welcome Muslims among us (while we tirelessly seek to convert each other, of course).

Still, I am pleased to see Glenn Beck getting some grudging respect after years of false accusations that he was some sort of hate mongerer (while simultaneously ignoring the true hate mongers on the left, e.g., Al Sharpton, Rachel Maddow, Ed Shultz, and on and on.

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